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All-in-One Mobile Computer with DPM Readability

Combining DPM scanning capabilities with the features of a mobile computer, M72 DPM mobile computer allow workers to scan, access databases, process data, and communicate with team members using a single piece of equipment which is essential for industries like automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing.

M72 DPM Touch Mobile Computer

Long Battery Life Ensures Working Through Full Shift Or Longer, Minimizing Downtime

The high capacity battery with the low power consumption technology of M72D made an extraordinary long working period to 12 hours a day. It will never let your workers stop working in the middle of a shift.

Durable and Versatile DPM Barcode Reading

The three-color of white, red, and blue illuminating modes smartly match with the light source, providing the multiple lighting effects required to capture marks on any type of surface including reflective, irregular, and curved as well as low and high contrast DPM barcode.

Advanced Imaging Technology

M72 DPM use advanced imaging technology to capture high-quality images of barcodes, which ensures accurate decoding even when barcodes are etched, engraved, or printed directly onto various surfaces like metal, plastic, or glass which is essential for traceability in the manufacturing process and compliance with industry standards and regulations.


Specifications for M72 DPM Touch Mobile Computer

M72 DPM Touch Mobile Computer




378g with battery


5100mAh,swappable;5V 2A Adaptor

Operating System

Android 12

CPU Model

octa-core, 2.0 GHz


RAM: 3GB; Flash: 32GB

Extended Storage

TF card, max. 128GB

Primary Camera

Main camera autofocus, 13 million pixels, dual flash


Gravity sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor, Hall sensor

Field of view

HD: 34.1° Horizontal x 26.2° Vertical ER: 22.2° Horizontal x 16.8° Vertical

NFC Reading Distance


Drop Spec.

1.8m on concrete, 3 times on each side

Tumble Spec.

3000 hits of 0.5m tumble,600 hits of 1m tumble

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

± 8 kv contact discharge; ± 15 kv air discharge



Decode Range

20mil Code 39 110.0-1100.0MM EAN13 80.0-750.0MM 10mil Code 39 60.0-700.0MM 5mil Code 39 50.0-380.0MM 3.13mil Code 39 80.0-290.0MM 15mil DataMatrix 50.0-550.0MM 5mil Datamatrix 70.0MM-110.0MM 5mil QR Code 70.0-110.0MM 4mil DataMatrix 75.0-100.0MM

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