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F70M Fixed Mount Scanner

Industrial Fixed-Mount Scanner

Laser aiming provides a clear and precise indication of the scanner's reading zone, allowing users to easily and accurately target specific barcodes

GS F70M features the aiming of two red laser dots, which provide accurate barcode positioning and speed up barcode acquisition, no matter within which distance does the barcode. Therefore, working efficiency improved greatly.

Flexibility in Scanning Different Object Sizes and Distances with Adjustable Focus Length

The GS F70M offers a manual focal length adjustment function. Building upon the standard 160mm focal length, it provides the flexibility to finely adjust the focal distance both upwards and downwards, accommodating an extensive range of working distances from 50mm to over 1000mm.

Polarized lens design decreases light reaction, enhanced contrast

The polarized lens of GS F70M filter out reflected light coming from any angle, and block lights from specific directions, providing clearer, more vibrant barcodes, which enhances barcode readability and decoding speed. This, in turn, increased efficiency in any application scenarios.

Constructed with industrial-grade materials, designed to withstand the rigors of harsh industrial applications

The housing of GS F70M is zinc alloy, which is not only chemical and oil resistant, but also IP65-rated sealing, ensuring outstanding reliability and toughness in the most challenging environments. What's more, it is built to survive 5 times each side 3.9ft./1.2M drops to cement floor.


Specifications for F70M Industrial Fixed Scanner

F70M Industrial Fixed Scanner


25.60in. (L) x 18.5in. (W) x18.62in. (H); 65mm(L) x 47mm(W) x 47.3mm(H)



Field of view

Horizontal: 39° Vertical: 33°


Zinc aloy


5-30V DC


17 pin M12 Aviation Connector 4 pin M12 Aviation Connector

Communication Interface

USB COM, USB Keyboard; RS232; Ethernet(TCP/IP)

Configurable IOofiles

Two optically isolated input, NPN/PNP/Relay available Three optically isolated output

Drop Spec.

6 sides x 5 times/side = 30 times from 3.9 ft. /1.2m drops to cement floor

IP Level


Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

±8KV dc contact discharge; ±15KV dc air discharge; ±20KV dc coupling discharge

Decode Range

7.5mil DataMatrix Size: 1.75×1.75mm 55.0-420.0MM 12.5mil DataMatrix Size: 3.0×3.0mm 50.0-510.0MM 22.5mil DataMatrix Size: 5.0×5.0mm 60.0-610.0MM 37.5mil DataMatrix Size: 10.0×10.0mm 60.0-720.0MM 57.5mil DataMatrix Size: 15.0×15.0mm 85.0-750.0MM


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