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Get real-time awareness of all the asset, greatly improved efficiency

One of the most critical function for government with lots of fixed assets that have to be ready to deploy at any time is asset management. Generalscan’s wearable scanning solutions enable you know exactly what assets you have, and their condition, and where they are deployed at all times.

Data Collection Anytime, Anywhere 

In disaster scenarios, not all the work is done by one person. Advanced devices track, collect, and transmit information to become a more reliable and safe option.
Generalscan’s devices allow the data to be used anytime and anywhere you want, allowing you to quickly and accurately control any situation.

Real-time Communication

The command center and on-site executives can communicate in real-time without any barriers, greatly improving the effectiveness of the solution.
Generalscan’s technology achieve the information transmit in terrible and extreme environments, use one device for all kinds of communications needs.

Asset Management

Collecting asset information automatically make asset clearer and much accuracy. Reduce paper work and save time to focus on more important.
Generalscan‘s devices reduce errors, increase efficiency, enable you to know what you have and where they are.

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