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Whether facing asset management, service monitoring, or instant messaging, with the Generalscan solution, you can streamline operations, optimize processes, and get key information in a fast way and respond promptly on time!
In asset and document management systems, barcodes have a positive effect, which ensures that the correct item is referenced in each transaction. Companies of all sizes and sectors choose asset and document tracking systems for a variety of reasons. Generalscan's portable barcode equipment to ensure compliance with government regulations, prevent high-value items from being lost, and protect customers' important assets!


Optimize Your Workflow with GENEALSCAN's Solution

Whether it involves asset tracking management, personnel transfer or resource allocation, 

GENEALSCAN can help you enhance your ability to respond  and co-share in real time!


Asset and Service Tracking

As an organization serving the people, the government is facing the challenge of providing high-quality services with fewer resources, so the control of assets and services has become increasingly important. Government agencies can use GENERALSCAN solutions to track and manage assets and people. By monitoring the location, condition, and availability of assets in real time, operational efficiency is improved.


Efficient Services

People always want to get services from the local government in an immediate way. GENERALSCAN's extensive partner network can help local governments in a timely manner, providing them with the latest solutions for mobile and real-time tracking.


Instant Messaging

In some specific and urgent situations, time can save lives, and instant messaging has become the key to success! Schools need timely access to student dynamic data and school equipment status information to avoid dangers; hospitals need to identify, track, and monitor each patient to control their matching records, medications, and care protocols. The GENERALSCAN solution provides you with real-time and accurate data, avoids risks and controls every step of your workflow.


Success Story

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