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  • BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In Store)

The recent surge in BOPIS orders within the Retail vertical has challenged retailers to find new and innovative ways to handle the increased demand for in-store and curbside pickup. With Generalscan’s line of wearable Bluetooth barcode scanners, store clerks keep their hands free while scanning to pick and pack orders, and when they grab orders for delivery curbside.  The ergonomic design provides a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

 Generalscan offers a variety of options for Retail including pocket-sized versions, a retractable strap for belt worn applications, and a lanyard for draping the device around the user’s neck.  These wearable models include a swappable, extended life battery which allows the users to quickly replace the battery, minimizing downtime when fulfilling orders.


Success Story

User-centric design that combines practicality, functionality and innovation to meet user needs.

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