> Retail Solution

In order to operate a highly efficient and profitable store, you must fully control and control the inventory, orders, costs, and customer purchase needs of the store operation. GENERALCAN's solutions can help you address customer needs, including product knowledge, Inventory, shelves, and quick checkout. 


Providing You With a Fast and Accurate Experience

Service has a great impact on the success of a retailer. GENEALSCAN allows you to respond to your customers' needs in real time, which helps you save a lot of time and promote customer satisfaction.


Command real-time information

Having real-time information helps you keep track of your inventory and ensure that items on your shelves are always available. After getting real-time information, efficiency is very important for workers. GENERALSCAN mobile devices can promote high mobility while realizing real-time performance, thereby greatly increasing productivity, allowing you to free up your hands and focus on customer service and sales.


Customer-centric Service

With the help of GENEALSCAN's solutions for retail, customers can enjoy reliable services and get the latest product and price information. In today's fast-paced business culture, customers always want to get what they want as quickly as possible. Our GENEALSCAN helps them understand the product details in a short time, and streamline the checkout process to shorten the waiting time for customers.


Comprehensive connectivity

Store staff can provide customers with face-to-face services. GENEALSCAN meets their needs while providing customers with personalized services. From inventory to sales, all operations in the store are closely linked by GENERALSCAN mobile solutions, which saves time and promotes communication between colleagues. As long as you hold the device, you can enjoy the one-click communication function, which enhances the collaboration between colleagues!


Success Story

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