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Field Service
Connecting to Customers with Seamless Service

Customer expectations are at an all-time high. Fortunately, delivering seamless on-site service is our expertise. Generalscan's mobile scanning solutions and wearable products improve customer satisfaction with immediate response, on-site support, and timely feedbacks from technicians visiting personally to customers’ location

Immediate response minimizes waiting time

Technical support resolved customer’s problems by visiting their locations directly instead of providing remote support.

Technicians visit customer’s locations personally and provide real-time solutions with mobile and wearable scanners, avoiding long time waiting or delays and offering immediate assistance. Through on-site service, Technical supports directly inspect, diagnose, and repair equipment or systems, addressing problems that cannot be resolved through remote support.

Enhance Customer Trusty and Satisfaction

Technicians of both parties build closer relationships via on-site support.

A visit of technical staff, personally, to the customer’s location is good for understanding their needs, and better resolving their problems. The relationship between both parties’ technicians becomes closer. Customer’s trust and satisfaction are increased greatly because they fixed the problems they met rapidly and pleasantly


Timely Feedback Pushes renewal of Products

On-site service helps to collect comprehensive data and improve products and services promptly.

Real-time data on equipment performance, usage, and customer feedback can be collected immediately with the mobile computers and wearable scanners once the technicians are at operation on-site. They gathered information about equipment or systems through on-site observation and communication, ensuring renewal in product design and technical support.

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