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Multiple Measurement Modes

GS V21 can not only measure length but also automatically calculate area, and volume. Users can easily obtain data with simple operations, eliminating the need for tedious manual calculations and greatly saving time and effort.

V21 Smart Tape Measure

Multiple Units and On-the-fly Unit Switching

Multi-unit of GS V21 meet different application requirements no matter in scientific research, engineering design, or daily life. Different unit can switch instantly. All these features reduce the complexity of unit conversions, ensures the accuracy of information transmission, and facilitates more efficient communication and decision making.

Bluetooth Connection Enables Instant Data Transfer

Bluetooth connectivity enables the direct uploading of measurement data to app on terminal device, achieving instant data transfer and intelligent management. With stable Bluetooth connection between the tape measure and terminal device, eliminating the need for complex data transfer steps. This convenient data transfer method not only enhances work efficiency but also provides a more convenient way for data analysis and recording.

Generalscan Digital Tape Measure SDK make Custom Application Development easily

The Android SDK provided free by Generalscan allows developers to create custom applications tailored to specific needs, such as specialized measurement apps for shipping and receieving for logistics.


Specifications for V21 Smart Tape Measure


3.2in.(L) x 2.8in.(W) x 1.4in.(H);82mm(L) x 72mm(W) x 35mm(H)

Battery Capacity




Charging Time

120 min.

Battery Life

normally work for 8 hours

Bluetooth Profiles

BLE 5.1


Tape: EC Class II Digital display: ±1mm


1mm - 5m (1/16Inch-16.4FT)




mm, cm, m, Inch × 0.1, FT × 0.01, Inch × 1/16 & FT

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