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F51 Fixed Mount Scanner

Industrial Fixed-Mount Scanner

Robust Design for Harsh Environments

The ultra-rugged design of GS F51 guarantees reliable operation in extremely harsh environments. Its metal housing is not only chemical and oil r esistant, but also IP65-rated sealing ensures outstanding reliability and toughness in the most challenging environments.

Ultra-Compact Dimensions and Flexible Mounting

GS F51 has a dimension of just 3.6cm x 4.0cm x 2.2cm, making it highly suitable for installation in constrained spaces. The accompanying scanner bracket offers versatile placement options, allowing flexible mounting in various locations. It can be easily adjusted to achieve optimal decoding outcomes from any angle.

Generalscan Easyscan Software Make You Easy Configuration and Setup

The EasyScan software provided free by Generalscan is convenient for you to set up scanning for GS industrial fixed series products in the shortest time. Parameters can also be set for bar codes of different barcode media, printing methods, colors, and sizes to achieve the best scanning results. You can see the set parameters, decoded image, decoded speed, decoded result, statistically decoded stability, etc. in EasyScan. This software can satisfy you to modify all the functions of the scanner.

Wide Range of Applications Across Various Industries

The GS F51 finds diverse applications across a wide range of fields, no matter applications in common industries lik e swift and efficient checkout processed in retail, ticket information inquiry in ticketing, production data-trace in production of precision electronic components, food quality and safety in food production management, and also industires in harsh environment, such as precise tracking of parcels in logistics. In a word, GS F51 pr ovides a dependable bar code reading solution for various scenarios.


Specifications for F51 Industrial Fixed Scanner

F51 Industrial Fixed Scanner


1.4in. (L) x 1.6in. (W) x 0.9in. (H) ; 36mm(L) x 40mm(W) x 22mm(H)



Field of view

L: 22°


Zinc aloy


5-30V DC


12 pin M12 Aviation Connector

Communication Interface

USB COM, USB Keyboard; RS232; Ethernet(TCP/IP)

Configurable IO

One optically isolated input, NPN/PNP/Relay available One optically isolated output

Drop Spec.

6 sides x 5 times/side = 30 times from 3.9 ft. /1.2m drops to cement floor

IP Level


Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

±8KV dc contact discharge; ±15KV dc air discharge; ±20KV dc coupling discharge

Decode Range

3.3mil Code 128 97.0-119.0mm 4.9mil Code128 83.0-179.0mm 8.2mil Code 128 57.0-298.0mm 9.9mil Code 128 46.0-335.0mm DM ECC200 18.0×18.0 Size: 3.0×3.0mm 85.0-151.0mm DM ECC200 18.0×18.0 Size: 5.3×5.3mm 60.0-281.0mm DM ECC200 18.0×18.0 Size: 8.3×8.3mm 51.0-350.0mm

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