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P10 Industrial Handheld Scanner

Wired 2D Industrial Handheld Scanner

Featured with Multiple Illumination Modes to Enhance the Visibility of Barcodes Under Various Conditions

Generalscan P10 series includes bright field, dark field, and diffuse lighting, which are selected by the types of surfaces that the barcode is on. Use high-intensity LED lights that provide bright, consistent lighting to illuminate the barcode, which is essential for capturing high-quality images of the barcodes.

Durable Design and Direct Part Mark (DPM) Capability

Rugged and resistant to dust and water design can endure drops and shocks, making them suitable for using in challenging conditions. DPM barcodes readability, which are often etched or printed directly onto parts or products, a feature not available in all barcode scanners.

Glare Reduction Design and Optimized for Various Surfaces

Designed to minimize glare, which is crucial when scanning barcodes on shiny or reflective surfaces and optimized for reading barcodes on diverse surfaces, including metal, plastic, glass, and paper, which is essential in industrial settings where DPM barcodes are used.

Ease of Use and Cost-Effectiveness

Featuring plug-and-play setup and ergonomic designs, which reduce user fatigue during extended use.Despite Generalscan P10 series advanced capabilities, we often offer good value for money, especially considering the efficiency and durability they bring to industrial operations.


Specifications for P10 Industrial Handheld Scanner 

P10 Industrial Handheld Scanner


3.6in.(L) x 3.0in.(W) x 7.4in.(H) ; 92mm(L) x 75mm(W) x 188mm(H)


294g(with cord) 220g(w/o cord)



Skew, Pitch & Roll

Skew tolerance: ±60° from normal; Pitch tolerance: ±60° from normal; Roll tolerance: ±360° from vertical

Field of View

SR/HD: Horizontal 40° ER: Horizontal 35°

Communication Interface

USB COM, USB HID Keyboard; RS232

Drop Spec.

6 sides x 5 times/side = 30 times from 5.9 ft.1.8m drops to cement floor

IP Level


Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

±8KV dc contact discharge; ±15KV dc air discharge;

Decode Range

GS P10-HD GS P10-SR 3.5mil Code 128 0.0-65.0MM 16.0-101.0MM 5.15mil Code 39 0.0-94.0MM 0.0-195.0MM 10.15mil Code 128 10.0-130.0MM 0.0-249.0MM 20mil Code 128 31.0-206.0MM 21.0-395.0MM 13mil UPC 0.0-145.0MM 10.0-273.0MM DM ECC200 18.0×18.0 4.40mil 2.0×2.0mm 0.0-63.0MM 30.0-85.0MM DM ECC200 18.0×18.0 6.65mil 3.0×3.0mm 0.0-82.0MM 15.0-139.0MM DM ECC200 18.0×18.0 10.13mil 4.0×4.0mm 0.0-108.0MM 16.0-165.0MM

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