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Seamless Service

For improving customer satisfaction and decreasing a lower cost per interaction.

Generalscan's devices provide service representatives with real-time information about deliveries to meet customers' new requests, process orders and accept payments in order to have a positive impact on the whole sales process.

Precise Control

Decrease risks, overstocks, costs. Increase delivery speed and order accuracy. Enhance customer satisfaction.

Generalscan’s devices provide real-time access to systems for you, whatever you are a warehouse, distribution center, or retail backroom, and keep you be away from the risk for high cost of delay and error.

Smart Operation

Wireless function makes work wherever you are becoming true and the shorten unnecessary time waste.

Generalscan’s devices make paperwork disappear and be instead by smarter, faster, more accurate system work, and make the how process completely visible, which means labors can work faster with no error.

Impeccable &Exemplary Service

Customers gained exceed expectations service because of on time, efficiency, no error, no risk, and good service.

Generalscan’s devices allow labors work anywhere, anytime to handle any work, such as invoicing, returns, tracking, delivery, payment and so on, reduce mistakes risk and also shorten revenue period.

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