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Visible Traceability and Positive Impact

Right now, the demands on transportation and logistics companies are higher than ever. Customers expect service and information instantly.

Generalscan gives you unprecedented visibility into real-time information about shipment and fleet performance which can be shared with customers, in order to have a positive impact on accuracy, delivery time, and cash flow

Visible Operational

Make both transportation company and customer feel safe, comfortable, and timely transportation is the most important point for now.

Generalscan's devices provided visible real-time traceability of the fleet, shipments, or passengers which allows transportation company to proactively track the driver and vehicle.

Improve Efficiency

Higher productivity means lower labor costs. Automation reduces the risk and, at the same time can keep track of delivery and maintenance schedules.

​Generalscan's devices provide the field workforce information and business systems anywhere and anytime allowing them to work smarter, resulting in more business and higher profit.

Proactive and Attentive Service

For being able to adjust immediately, customers always want to be informed of any deviations from the plan.

Generalscan's devices provide customers with speed, precision, and personalized service to amazed them, and transportation company will gain the needed to minimize wait times, increase throughput.

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