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Best-In-Class 1D Laser Scanning Performance and Efficiency

Benefit Zebra Adaptive Scanning Technology, aggressive scanning performance and a wide working range work hand-in-hand to enable the rapid and accurate scanning of bar codes, improved productivity.
Workers enjoy first time every time dependable scanning on any 1D bar code, regardless of lighting conditions.

R1120 Flexgrip Scanner

Versatility for Different Applications

Flexgrip wearing style makes the scanner suitable for a wide range of applications and working environments. For instance, the wired version of the Flexgrip is the best choice for retail, while the wireless version of the Flexgrip must be ideal for logistics. Regardless of your industry, Flexgrip will delight you with its flexibility of use.

Large Working Range From Near Contact to 17 ft./5.1 m

Automatically optimizes scanning parameters to create an extraordinary extended working range for easy scanning of bar codes that are near and far.
Aggressive performance and accurate capture of all barcodes, even damaged and poor quality increase productivity and accuracy in customer applications.

Ease of Transition among Tasks and Good for Sharing Use

Workers can easily switch between different wearing styles as they move between different tasks, offering flexibility and time efficiency. In environments where scanners are shared among employees, the ability to change wearing styles can be advantageous for hygiene and personal preference.


Specifications for R1120 Flexgrip Scanner

R1120 Flexgrip Barcode Scanner




33g(Scanner body)

Battery Capacity


Battery Life per Full Charge

15.4h (scan every 5 seconds)


5V 1A

Charging Time



LED, Buzzer, Vibration

Scan Engine

Zebra SE965HP

Skew, Pitch & Roll

Skew tolerance: ±40° from normal Pitch tolerance: ±65° from normal Roll tolerance: ±35° from vertical

Field of view

47° Wide, 10° Medium, 10° Narrow

Optical Resolution

0.0015in. Minimum element width

Scan Element

a resonant single line(650nm laser)

Network Connections

USB, Bluetooth

USB Interface

USB Type-C

USB Profiles

USB HID Keyboard, USB VCP(Virtual Serial Port)

Multilingual Keyboards

USB HID mode supports multilingual keyboards

Bluetooth Profiles

HID Keyboard, SPP and Bluetooth low energy (BLE)

Bluetooth Range

Communication distance connected to mobile phone >164.04ft./50m(with obstructions)

Symbol Decode Capability

Code39, Code128, Codabar, Code11, UPC/EAN, Interleaved 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, Chinese 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, Korean 3 of 5, GS1 Databar, Code93, MSI, Composite

Offline Mode

Support storage of 4388 EAN-13 barcodes

Ambient Light Immunity

Max 107,639lux(direct sunlight)

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature



5% - 85% non-condensing

Drop Spec.

Multiple 4.9ft./1.5m drops to concrete

Tumble Spec.

Scanner body withstands 20,000 times from 3.3ft./1M with frequency of 10 times per minute.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

±8kv dc contact discharge ±15kv dc air discharge



Software Supported

Generalscan Keyboard Pro, Generalscan SDK Demo, Generalscan OTA Tools, G-Service

Decode Range

5mil Code128 30.5-195.6MM

5mil Code39 30.5-317.5MM

7.5mil Code39 27.9-469.9MM

10mil Code128 30.5-482.6MM

100% UPCA 40.6-685.8MM

15mil Code128 25.4-749.3MM

20mil Code39 35.6-1320.8MM

55mil Code39 86.4-2540MM

100mil Code39 609.9-5181.6MM

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