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Thumbutton Trigger Button

GS GMR201-01

Thumbutton Trigger Button makes worker to wear GS scanner around the neck or a belt or hold it in hand with switching freely between left and right hand. It keeps the scanner at hand is ideal for occasional scanning.


Handheld Grip

GS GHR201/GHR202

Handheld Grip can attach to scanner bottom housing easily and be removed easily. It provides workers with significant flexibility as they adapt the Handheld Grip to different operations.


Ruglove With Lycra Strap

GS GGR201-02

Ruglove Lycra Strap makes it easier to wear the scanner. You only need to peel,stick it to wear it. The high-quality material makes it not easy to be damaged even repeated operations.



GS AB1800

Armband is designed for multi models of PDAs, it allows workers wear the PDA on the wrist which means workers can check data whenever they are operating.


Ring Trigger Button

GS GTR201-01

Ring trigger button is designed for GS scanner all series. It is made of durable materials which resist wear – only the strap is silicone. One-size-fits-all and no need to buy right / left hand versions.


Ruglove With Silicone Strap

GS GGR201-01

Ruglove Silicone Strap are designed to offer a comfortable and snug fit. They are flexible and allow for a full range of hand movements, enhancing dexterity and reducing hand fatigue.

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