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P11 Industrial Handheld Scanner

Wireless 2D Industrial Handheld Scanner

Direct Part Mark (DPM) Capability and Versatility in Reading Different Barcode Types

Generalscan P11 series is specifically designed to read DPM barcodes, which are often etched or printed directly onto parts or products, a feature not available in all barcode scanners.

Mobility and Flexibility Design Enhanced Productivity

The wireless design allows users to move freely without being tethered to a computer or a base station. This mobility is essential in large retail environments, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities where mobility can significantly increase efficiency. Workers can scan items wherever they are located, which speeds up the process of inventory management, order picking, and checkout operations.

Durable Design and Long Battery Life

Designed for tough environments, Generalscan P11 series scanners are rugged and withstand drops, knocks, and exposure to dust and moisture, making them suitable for industrial or outdoor use. Equipped with 1200maH battery that can use for an entire shift or longer, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Adaptive Illumination Technology and Glare Reduction Design

Incorporate adaptive illumination technology, where the scanner automatically adjusts the intensity and angle of the light based on the barcode's surface characteristics. This is particularly useful for reading DPM barcodes that can be etched or printed on a variety of materials with different reflectivity. The illumination system is designed to minimize glare, which is crucial when scanning barcodes on shiny or reflective surfaces.


Specifications for P11 Industrial Handheld Scanner

P11 Industrial Handheld Scanner


3.6in.(L) x 3.0in.(W) x 7.9in.(H);92mm(L) x 75mm(W) x 199.5mm(H)





Skew, Pitch & Roll

Skew tolerance: ±60° from normal; Pitch tolerance: ±60° from normal; Roll tolerance: ±360° from vertical

Field of View

SR/HD: Horizontal 40° ER: Horizontal 35°

Communication Interface

RS232; USB COM, USB HID Keyboard

Drop Spec.

6 sides x 5 times/side = 30 times from 5.9 ft.1.8m drops to cement floor

IP Level


Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

±8KV dc contact discharge; ±15KV dc air discharge;

Decode Range

GS P11-HD GS P11-SR GSP11-ER 3.5mil Code 128 0.0-65.0MM 16.0-101.0MM 69.0-130.0MM 5.15mil Code 39 0.0-94.0MM 0.0-195.0MM 25.0-256.0MM 10.15mil Code 128 10.0-130.0MM 0.0-249.0MM 4.0-515.0MM 20mil Code 128 31.0-206.0MM 21.0-395.0MM 19.0-800.0MM 13mil UPC 0.0-145.0MM 10.0-273.0MM 0.0-653.0MM DM ECC200 18.0×18.0 4.40mil 2.0×2.0mm 0.0-63.0MM 30.0-85.0MM -- DM ECC200 18.0×18.0 6.65mil 3.0×3.0mm 0.0-82.0MM 15.0-139.0MM 43.0-165.0MM DM ECC200 18.0×18.0 10.13mil 4.0×4.0mm 0.0-108.0MM 16.0-165.0MM 25.0-276.0MM

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