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Quality and Efficiency Ensure Profit Growth

As a manufacturing company grows so does its order volume. This increase in demand can put stress and strain on the workforce. With Generalscan’s excellent history of very reliable and high performing products, manufacturing facilities can expect work efficiency to increase and worker fatigue to decrease, line failures to decrease, ultimately leading to increased profitability.

Improved Work Efficiency 

Reduce downtime and increase productivity.

As to the assembly of components or whole products, every second counts while working in small areas with different tools and parts. With Generalscan scanning solutions, your operators of each procedure work smoother, transition between different processes and different workstations move faster.

Traceability to Components and Finished Goods  

Well-controlled quality.

Record the detailed information by a quick scan of the barcodes on raw materials ensures that each raw material is under control.

The same quick scan of barcodes on finished goods not only ensures that the product is controllable, but also helps to manage quality issues and action in case of a recall

Real-Time Inventory Awareness

Sufficient materials enable a smooth execution of sales orders.

A quick scan on the barcodes of materials/products enables the accurate and timely tracking of quantities. This allows production manager take on time measures to replenish the stock to ensure an adequate supply of raw materials, thereby ensuring the smooth execution of sales orders.

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