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No Matter What Industry You are In,
Generalscan is Always Right There

Picking Packing

Generalscan wearable devices ensure the accuracy and efficiency in picking and packing in any situation. With a quick scan, confirming the correct products or materials are picked and packed, we ensure accuracy throughout this job.

Fulfillment Inventory

How to ensure that customers receive their orders accurately and in a timely manner? How to meet customers’ expectations and ensure their satisfaction? Generalscan scanning solutions facilitate the smooth execution of tasks in fulfillment process,such as inventory management, order processing, picking, packing, and shipping

20 Years of Business Experience Create
Best-in-Class Solutions for All Industries

4 Interchangeable Wearable Options Provide
More Mobility, More Flexibility, More Productivity!

Why Top 500 World Class Customers 
Choose Generalscan ?

20,000 Tumbles Test
1,000 Concrete Drops Test
9 Engines Options
4 Interchangeable Wearing Styles
ESD 1.5KV Air Discharge Protection

Your Business More Fluent with Generalscan Industrial Mobile Computers


6.3 inch Android

​Mobile Computer

Generalscan DPM Touch Mobile Computer has three-color of white, red, and blue illuminating modes smartly match with the light source, providing the multiple lighting effects required to capture marks on any type of surface including reflective, irregular, and curved as well as low and high contrast DPM barcode

DPM Android

​Mobile Computer


UHF RFID Android

​Mobile Computer

Generalscan Mobile Computer have Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Use, Responsive Touch screen, even with Glove

Cold Storage Android 

Mobile Computer

Easily Track and Trace with Generalscan
Industrial Fixed-Mount Scanners

Our Happy Clients

"Implementing Generalscan barcode scanners revolutionized our inventory management. The scanners are incredibly reliable, providing swift and accurate scans that have significantly enhanced our operational efficiency"

Cecilie Veselý, Retail Manager, DSW

Labor is your largest expense in retail store operation. Increasing the productivity of retail labor will drive profits.  Generalscan's devices provide real-time information on the products and inventory in case release sales associates to focus on selling and service.
Inventory is your largest investment. Fulfillment is a major element of customer satisfaction. They demand optimization.  Generalscan's devices increased inventory visibility, provided exact order fulfillment time for customer.
Empowered by Generalscan, customers enjoy less waiting time and a more personalized service through sales associates quickly check and checkout.
Generalscan's devices provided visible real-time traceability of the fleet, shipments, or passengers which allows transportation company to proactively track the driver and vehicle.
Generalscan's devices provide the field workforce information and business systems anywhere and anytime allowing them to work smarter, resulting in more business and higher profit.
Generalscan's devices provide customers with speed, precision, and personalized service to amazed them, and transportation company will gain the needed to minimize wait times, increase throughput.
For improving customer satisfaction and decreasing a lower cost per interaction.  Generalscan's devices provide service representatives with real-time information about deliveries to meet customers' new requests, process orders and accept payments in order to have a positive impact on the whole sales process.
Decrease risks, overstocks, costs. Increase delivery speed and order accuracy. Enhance customer satisfaction.  Generalscan’s devices provide real-time access to systems for you, whatever you are a warehouse, distribution center, or retail backroom, and keep you be away from the risk for high cost of delay and error.
Wireless function makes work wherever you are becoming true and the shorten unnecessary time waste.  Generalscan’s devices make paperwork disappear and be instead by smarter, faster, more accurate system work, and make the how process completely visible, which means labors can work faster with no error.
Customers gained exceed expectations service because of on time, efficiency, no error, no risk, and good service.  Generalscan’s devices allow labors work anywhere, anytime to handle any work, such as invoicing, returns, tracking, delivery, payment and so on, reduce mistakes risk and also shorten revenue period.

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