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Warehouse Management

  • Order Picking

  • Sortation

Boost productivity in warehousing applications with Generalscan’s line of barcode scanners that are both flexible and reliable.  The challenge within the warehouse work environment is the extraordinary speed that is required to meet the demands of customers, retailers and distributors.  Warehouse employees can rely on the reliability, durability and long-battery life of Generalscan’s products to complete all required tasks in a single shift. 

Generalscan’s wearable, industrial Bluetooth devices have a high-performance scan engine, an extended life trigger button, and swappable/replaceable batteries.  For reading barcodes at great distances, including items placed on high shelves, Generalscan offers long-range scanning options eliminating the need to climb ladders or bend down to scan barcodes. What’s more, with Generalscan’s rugged mobile computers, workers have process orders quickly and efficiently using real-time access to all applications.


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