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With higher speed and accuracy. With the help of voice, scanning and visual prompting functions, the operator can free his hands to complete various tasks, which will greatly improve work speed without affecting accuracy!    
With the cooperation of the smartphone platform, the cost of the device is greatly reduced. Through the Bluetooth communication method, the flexibility and replaceability of the device are enhanced. You will no longer rely on traditional mobile terminals, but will continuously change the applications you need as your needs change.
The wearable barcode scanning devices for all fields can be applied to various warehouse management scenarios, such as picking, receiving, inventory, order execution, etc. In an increasingly competitive environment, versatility has greatly reduced the operating costs of enterprises! 


Workflows can be safely traced back to every step

In chaotic and high-load work environments, GENEALSCAN can improve your work efficiency with its excellent mobile, minimalist, operable, fast and accurate scanning function.


Realization of intelligent


Shipping and receiving is an important part of every warehouse management system (WMS). WMS is able to receive incoming materials and deliver the outbound goods to customers. When receiving the goods, the barcode on the goods is read, and the mobile data collector can remind users of low-stock products, reducing the number of out-of-stock situations. The use of bar codes improves production efficiency and reduces errors during the picking process!


Improvement of warehouse

management level

This is a demanding operation for the execution of orders in a warehouse. Nowadays, competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, and the explosive growth of products of different sizes and e-commerce is driving the development of order execution technology. In this case, you need to maintain the optimal inventory in the warehouse, which requires you to accurately record the relevant product information and location during replenishment and storage.


Streamlined processes and

improved accuracy

Through mobile intelligent terminal equipment, the overall picking process can be simplified, productivity can be improved, material handling costs can be reduced, and compliance and safety enhanced. Multiple modes will give advice and guidance in operator picking to avoid errors. By using the most advanced Android and iOS system technologies, as well as indoor navigation technology, it can quickly locate inventory, which allows employees to recognize the mobility of inventory in time!


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