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 Generalscan Order Fullfillment Management System

Management of Purchase Orders and Sales Orders

Generalscan order management system supports various detailed management of sales orders, including customer management, order review, order execution, order scanning, order delivery,Through purchasing management, you can perform operations such as entering, approving, and purchasing warehousing on purchase orders.


Warehouse and Delivery Management

Generalscan order management system fully supports custom warehouses and locations, custom material coding, BOM management, and warehouse inventory.The warehouse integrates the management of delivery and the tracking function of the waybill number. The system integrates the API integration functions of logistics companies such as DHL, UPS, Fedex.


Scanning Integration On Android Phone

Generalscan order management system integrates various custom mobile scanning functions. Users can scan and input various data into the order management system through the app on the Android mobile phone, including the functions of picking, packaging, receiving picking, tracking and scanning of material serial numbers, etc.


Customized Email Notifications and Custom Reports

Generalscan order management system, fully support custom email sending function. For any kind of order operation, the system will automatically send different email templates to the user. Customizable Dashboard is used to display various indicators of orders, allowing users to clearly grasp the status of orders.



Charges Only:

Monthly Per User: 

US$ 19.99

The order execution and management system developed by Generalscan is a new SaSS platform developed for SMEs. Users only need to register for an account, and can enjoy a full range of services, such as customer, order, purchase, warehouse, shipping, logistics, freight forwarding, finance, barcode scanning, maintenance, after-sales management, etc. 
Generalscan can also give customers a variety of custom development functions, such as various reports, interface integration and other functions. 



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