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Privacy Policy

GENERALSCAN Privacy Policy

GENERALSCAN is committed to protecting your personal privacy. With regard to the information and data we collect during your visit to the website, GENERALSCAN will process it in strict accordance with this confidentiality clause.
This clause applies to GENEALSCAN Electronics and all subsidiaries of the GENEALSCAN Group. Please read the following terms carefully to understand our specific operations in collecting and using your personal data and information.
If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please fill out the online contact application form or contact us at the address below the page.

  • 1. Information collection and use
    We will have the following personal identity information and the personal identity information: A) Personal identity information, including name, address, email address, and phone number. Such information is in your newsletter subscription, download drivers, product information, provide feedback information, send mail advisory or by any other means in interactive web site collected. Generally speaking, you can visit this website with no need to reveal any personal identity information, but may ask you to provide us with personal information when participates in the promotion of some online activities,. B) The non-personal identity information-such information cannot determine the specific users , it just show the website you browse before you visit our web site, the other website after you leave our website and the browser and IP address you use. We through the "cookies" and network beacon and other electronic tools in you visit the site process automatically collect the above information.
  • 2. How to use personal information
    The information we collected from the website could be used for the following purposes: make our service and website more perfect, strengthen and personalized; Deal with the consulting and demand from visitors; Allow visitors to participate in our promotional activities; Send email newsletter; Receive and process application forms.
  • 3.How to manage personal information
    You have the right to request a copy of your personal information held by us and to correct it. Please fill out the online contact application form or contact us at the address below the page. All promotional emails we send, such as the Generalscan newsletter, will have a clear "unsubscribe" link, and you can also modify your subscription status through the newsletter subscription page. Alternatively, you can fill out the online contact request form to request to unsubscribe. Please note your name, email address and the name of the email you want to unsubscribe from.
  • 4.Information revealed
    Generalscan promises to take reasonable steps to protect visitors' personal information. Without the permission from visitors, Generalscan won't disclose to any third party web site visitors from getting on the personal information. But the following circumstance except: First, in order to carry out relevant business, provide professional and technical support or provide you request service, Generalscan may provide to Generalscan employees, Generalscan group, other service providers and suppliers the required personal information; Second, in your permission of the Generalscan shall have the right to send your personal information to any data revealed by Generalscan designated third party; Third, if the law or executive order requirements, or to protect the legal rights of our and property, protect the legal rights of other web site visitors, we will be revealed that your personal information. We will ask for third party for your personal information to abide by the same confidentiality clauses, and will not we provide personal information to other USES outside agreed business.
  • 5.The third party web site confidential terms
    This web site contains point to other third party web site links. For other web site privacy measures, we do not bear any responsibility. We suggest that visitors should be reading each confidentiality clause when visit the site. This privacy policy applies only to collect information on this site.
  • 6.Information security
    Generalscan will maintain your personal data in a reasonable range, but due to the technical limitations, for the risk of the illegal intercepts, we can't guarantee your personal information and any other form of electronic communication information. We ask subsidiaries, partners and services company in the reasonable degree of the efforts to ensure that your information secure, but to the third party through the illegal channels intercept to your personal information, Generalscan will not be held responsible.
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