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Delivering goods to customers is the last step in logistics and transportation. With the Generalscan solution, you can accurately and accurately manage the sorting, loading, and fleet of your goods in real-time during the entire distribution process, ensuring on-time delivery every time.
By choosing the wearable solution of GENEALSCAN for goods sorting, workers can process the goods while scanning the barcode, which greatly enhances the work efficiency of workers. High mobile performance enables workers to quickly obtain information and streamline operations, thereby reducing delivery times and delivering on time.
Generalscan's mobile data collectors help complete each workflow and allow field workers to make fast, accurate decisions! 


Streamlined Operations, On-time Delivery

GENERALSCAN provides real-time tracking and security control for the entire delivery process, 

While also enabling you to communicate with your customers in a timely manner.


Fast and Accurate

As customers' demands for logistics and transportation become higher and higher, they expect immediate access to information and services, which puts tremendous pressure on workers. GENERALSCAN mobile scanning equipment can provide you with fast and accurate scanning functions, so that employees can work efficiently to meet customer needs!


Real-time Tracking

The GENERALSCAN handheld mobile device allows you to know the shipment information and the condition of the fleet in a timely manner, and also allows the staff to respond quickly to various needs and promote real-time communication between colleagues. Mobile technology enables truck drivers to share customer information, process orders and payments, and has a positive impact on accuracy, delivery time and cash flow.


Improved Efficiency

The GENERALSCAN wearable data terminal seamlessly interfaces with real-time operations via Bluetooth. Whether directing a forklift to move containers or loading or unloading goods with a crane, employees in ports can rely on wearable data terminals to easily view and collect data. The GENERALSCAN wearable terminal provides a smooth data collection experience for crane operators, regardless of brightness and weather conditions. It's all thanks to their outstanding scanning performance.


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