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Generalscan Keyboard-Pro


Generalscan Keyboard-Pro is a barcode data entry software solution developed for Android smartphones. The software can be used on Google’s Android platform on smartphones and tablets. Generalscan’s full range of cloud compatible bar code scanner scan seamlessly communicates with Android-based smartphones for data transmission and barcode data collection. Keyboard-Pro can be used with any app you use in your day-to-day operation that accepts keyboard input.  If there is a cursor, you can accept barcode data input from our devices.

The user does not need to be concerned with the complicated programming of Bluetooth, USB, and other communication protocols, which greatly simplifies the user experience.   At the same time, using the Generalscan input method, the user can easily configure the various parameter of the Bluetooth scanners.  Examples of configurable items include Enabling/Disabling of any barcode type, adding prefixes and suffixes, Bluetooth standby mode, and more. 

Smart Connected Bluetooth Scanner

With three smart connection methods, you can connect your phone to the Generalscan Keyboard-Pro and turn the scanner into a system input device, making it easier to connect the scanner to your smartphone.

  • Traditional SPP pairing mode

  • Connect via Scanning Scanner's Bluetooth address

  •  Scan your phone's Bluetooth address to connect


26 Keyboard Layouts

Generalscan Android input method supports multi-national keyboard layouts, making text input more international, and a variety of keyboard themes, also makes input more humane. Various gestures and fast character input make working input more powerful.


Full support for Generalscan Bluetooth Command Set

You can set and test various commands in the scanner in Generalscan Keyboard-Pro. This configuration of the scanner is more convenient, and built-in various scanner SDK commands, such as software scanning, reading power, charging settings, reading software version number, input mode, etc.


Support Multi-language Decoding

Generalscan Keyboard-Pro has built-in multi-language decoding output, and supports hardware encrypted connection, long character output.


This app is available for free in the Google Marketplace.

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