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Applicable PN: R5000Q-365V1K

From Computer

How to Upgrade Firmware?

Please scan the DFU MODE barcode in the '' Quick User Guide '' page 38, then please connect it to the computer with the USB cable included in the box. Then please open the relevant program and upload the correct file to the device as in the video.

Please first scan the DFU Mode barcode as shown in the video, your device will go into software download mode. Then download the relevant program (GS OTA / DFU Tools), and start the APP, Click the Bluetooth icon, enter Bluetooth pair. Click the “GO TURN ON” button to turn on the phone’s Bluetooth, then click the “GO SELECT” to choose the scanner that need to upgrade. After input the PN Number “1234”, then click the “ok”, the Bluetooth connection will build. Click the button to select the location of the new firmware that you want to upgrade, Click the desired firmware and click OK on the dialog box. Click the “OK”, exit the upgrade.

From Mobile

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