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Generalscan Barcode Configuration Tool


Generalscan About iCode


Generalscan iCode is an Android App, which is very portable. It was designed specifically to facilitate setting up the various functions of the scanner. On the phone, it can automatically generate various configuration barcodes. For the 2D Bluetooth scanner, you don't need to print the configuration barcode on paper. You can directly configure the barcode on the screen of the mobile phone to set it up, which saves paper and is more environmentally friendly. 
iCode can customize various command parameters to generate various command barcodes.
iCode supports various engine settings, so you don't need to carry configuration manuals from different manufacturers.

Generalscan's Bluetooth barcode scanner configuration barcodes are divided into motherboard settings and engine settings. You can choose different Bluetooth scanner models to generate different configuration barcodes, which can be switched to one-dimensional or two-dimensional barcodes. Generalscan iCode supports exporting and sharing configuration barcode files to various applications, such as WhatApp, Email, QQ and other tools. You can also print to PDF files directly from your mobile phone or output directly to printers.

Support motherboard and scan engine settings

You can set the general settings of the Bluetooth scanner by selecting "MainBoard Setting", such as Bluetooth mode, vibration, volume, Bluetooth keyboard layout, etc. You can also set different engine settings according to different product models. The settings here are richer and more diverse. We have reclassified complex engine settings for your convenience.


Easy sharing of configuration barcode

You can share the configuration barcode to your colleagues' QQ, email, WhatsApp and other social applications!


Custom configuration barcode parameters

You can customize the parameters of the configuration barcode to generate different configuration barcodes, eliminating the tedious steps of traditional barcode configuration settings, so that you can quickly generate a variety of different settings.


Print to PDF directly from your phone

You can print the configuration barcode to a PDF file directly from your mobile phone or directly to a printer.


This app is available for free in the Google Marketplace.

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